Surely, you’ve heard the buzz-term, employee engagement. Marketers, in particular, like to exercise this term like it’s about to go out of style. But do you really know what it means? If we have you questioning your inner dictionary, keep reading. You don’t want to miss our interpretation of this vital concept.

The Way We See ‘Employee Engagement’

Employee engagement is a two-way street. An employer offers videos, brochures, games, apps, etc. to captivate employees, but it’s not truly employee engagement unless the employee takes an empowered action

Not just an action, but an empowered action.

Allow me to explain. When an employer is regularly educating employees on their options, employees are routinely learning about what choices they have. Ever hear the saying, knowledge is power? 

It’s true. The more your employees learn about their options, the more empowered they feel to make their own decisions; to take empowered action.

But simply ‘taking action’ isn’t good enough. What employers should aim for is helping their employees to feel like they made the best possible decision (a smart decision) on their own. This helps employees feel important and in control of the factors that impact their work and life.

Here’s where things gets real…

The more effort employers put into educating their employees, the stronger the connection will be between employees and employers. 

This is how trust takes root and employee loyalty grows. By routinely educating and ‘watching out’ for employees, employers humanize themselves. Management is quick to use the analogy that employees are kind of like raising kids. Likewise, management is kind of like parenting. Part of your job is to:

  1. Give your employees the information they need to know
  2. Be consistent in this endeavor
  3. Empower them to make the best decisions

The Grand Takeaway

Employee engagement is directly linked to employee productivity. Behold — the breadcrumb trail:

  • The more you engage your employees → the more they will trust you as their employer. 
  • The more employees trust you → the more loyal they become to your company.
  • The more loyal your employees → the more invested they become in your brand’s success.
  • The more invested your employees → the more productive they will be.

So you see, employee engagement isn’t just a buzz-term that marketers have worn out like their favorite pair of Chuck Taylors. It’s a strategy that impacts everything from employee retention and workplace culture to your bottom line health.

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