Are employees still confused about their benefits?

Is onboarding or open enrollment taking waaay too much time?

Is your amazing benefits program under-appreciated?

Meet the solution to all your Employee Engagement woes.

BeneBits™ are short, edgy, customizable benefits videos with the zing you need to finally win employee attention. We don’t just break down insurance jargon to make benefits easier to understand. We use animation, music, interactive features, and a fresh take on benefits to completely change the conversation. See for yourself!

BeneBits Video Library

Explore the BeneBits™ Video Library


You pick the bits. We make them office hits! 

BeneBits™ are delivered to you in just TWO short weeks.


Step 1: Customize 

Choose the video bits that make the most sense for your benefits program and tell us what you want customized. We’ll garnish your BeneBits™ with the company logo, a splash of brand colors, plan details, and more before serving up a perfectly-composed and utterly delish viewer experience! 

Got a hankering for even more customization? We can cook up just about anything! Contact us directly for a quote.


Step 2: Optimize 

BeneBits™ are loaded with interactive features to encourage engagement. Employees can learn about their specific plan details, savor the information, and take action all in one place! 

  • Click and go directly to your enrollment portal.

  • Visit the attachments tab for plan summaries and documents.

  • Dive into other videos for more information on a subject.


Step 3: Publish & Promote

We host. You share! It’s that simple. From the company intranet and website to emails, text messages, and even social media channels, there are plenty of ways to pass the BeneBits™. 

Need help marketing your videos or promoting open enrollment season? We offer a selection of posters, postcards, email templates and more that are sure to build your employees’ appetite for benefits. Click here to visit the Communications Library.


Step 4: Track Performance & ROI

We want you to be able to prove how decreasing confusion surrounding benefits, simplifying communications, and streamlining the enrollment process can increase productivity, reduce time-waste, and save the company money. That’s why we send you a video engagement report each month to help you monitor performance. At the end of the year, we compile all your data into a beautiful infographic that you can present to leadership! Like a fancy five-star dinner, they’ll see that BeneBits™ are worth every delectable penny. 

BeneBits™ are served up on a
subscription basis.

That way, we can make important updates to our content library to keep up with changes in healthcare.

As a subscriber, you get 3 free hours of editing per year to change out video content, update plan or contact details, swap colors, and more!


Ready for the cherry on top?

BeneBits™ subscribers get exclusive access to the Communications Library. This is a selection of posters, postcards, email templates and more that are sure to build your employees’ appetite for benefits.

BeneBits Communication Library

Explore the BeneBits™ Communications Library


Whip up some BeneBits™ today!

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