Have you ever felt as if your company is treated like everyone else?  

Your company is unique, yet everyone tries to treat you like all their other clients.  We get it.  That's why we started brand28 in the first place, because we know that every company like you is unique.  You deserve an approach that fits your needs not just a little bit, but fits your needs exactly!  Our process is simply a guide to give you an idea of your journey.  Every video is customized and made with energy, or what we like to call "splash"!  We carefully incorporate the right ingredients, blend them all up, and provide you with a video that engages, inspires and accomplishes your goals.  



When you think "video", you may think of something energetic, fun, flashy and creative.  But, it all starts with a breakdown of your objectives.  Who are you?  Why do you exist?  What do you want to accomplish?  These are the important questions that will get us to that fun, flashy video land (and improved revenue of course)!  During the Juice Session we sit down team-to-team for about two hours to dive in and get our creative juices flowing.  The entire time is focused on you and your story, idea generation and development.  



More than just words on paper...words that drive revenue, ask questions, inspire thoughts and engage your target audience.  You then get to choose your voiceover and approve the script.  




Bringing the words to life.  Our artists will sketch out scenes of how your video will look and feel.  We incorporate your brand, your style guidelines, and our creative flair to build a one-of-a-kind design just for you.  




Or what we like to call it, gettin' down to business!  This is where the magic happens.  We will be busy creating your video with the approved script, design, music and voiceover.  



We're almost there, and even though we have no doubt you'll love your video, we provide this time for you to go over all the fine details and approve the design and audio.  



All the ingredients have been perfectly blended to spit out a video that reflects your organization's brand and goals.  Now all you have to do is press play!  So go ahead, shake up that blender and make a splash!