Galtway Marketing Hype Video

We were so pumped to team up with Galtway Marketing team to create this hype video to be viewed at the Business Marketing Association's gala in Houston. Galtway Marketing has an incredibly talented and innovative team and were a dream to work with. It was our honor to be able to tell their story through video.

Now, as our boy Justin Timberlake would say, make sure you turn that volume way up!


Sober Grid | The Next Generation of Recovery Support

When we were first approached by Sober Grid to possibly create a video to market their services, we got really excited. For starters, it's always great working with new companies. But! When we were researching their mission and the product they made for those in recovery, we knew we had an important story to tell, which got us even more excited!

Sober Grid is a sober social network available on all smartphones, that puts on demand peer support right in the hands of those in recovery from substance addiction. Eligible facilities can join their alumni on the app to stay in touch after they've left treatment.

Some join to get support, others to give it; each free download, post and connection creates an opportunity to stay sober while helping others do the same.  It's amazing work these guys are doing, and we were honored to be able to create a video for them!


Fear Slayer Walk-On Video

When we were tasked with creating a walk-on video for the fabulous keynote speaker, Judi Holler, we knew we had to create something as vivacious and electrifying as her personality. This was no small feat.

We started off by doing a ton of research on Judi’s social media (check out her Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn page). And it didn’t hurt that we had the privilege to see her speak in fabulous Las Vegas. This gave us a good sense of who she was and her brand identity.

Then, it was on to the drawing board. From our research we were able to develop a script that told her story.  One thing was clear, Judi wanted her audience to leave the room feeling like they received a gift – whether that be finding their inner bad-ass, or saying sayonara to fear – we knew we had to prep the audience that something major was about to happen.

Not only did the script need to be dead on, but the imagery had to fit and appeal to her audience. And her audience is always changing since she travels nationwide to help people make “fear their homeboy”. The music had to be just right, the words, the footage, and we had to get the audience pumped up for Judi to make her appearance on that stage.

With months of creative collaboration, we present to you the Fear Slayer walk-on video. Check it out!