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Is Your Clothing Communicating the Right Message?

Ripped jeans.  Cut off shorts.  Flip flops. Short skirts.

Ever catch an employee wearing these?  (yikes!)

Now more than ever, the clothing that gets worn in the workplace is becoming an issue.   Are your employees sending the right message with their clothing to your customers, clients and other industry colleagues?

How often are you having these difficult conversations with employees?  Now you can offer a fun and informational video during the onboarding process, annual reviews or simply host on your intranet.

In this month's Splash Studio video, we teamed up with JQIC Inc. - a consulting firm that specializes in coaching people all over the country on how to dress to communicate the message they want to send.  In the video below we talk to the younger millennial employees in a way they can understand.  By using examples of dress attire and scenarios, we're showing employees how to be their best self in the professional arena.

Skip the lecture!  We're addressing employees in a fun and engaging way in order to achieve real results.


the wardrobe matrix

This video package includes the Wardrobe Matrix.  JQIC Inc. created this printable guide for your employees to help them choose the best clothing for different scenarios.  It includes tips on how to dress your best for professional work meetings, the company-sponsored picnic and more! 


custom url and embed code

You'll receive your very own custom URL to share the video via email, a PowerPoint deck, anything really.  So long as there is an internet connection, your employees have access!

You'll also receive embed code to host the video on your intranet or other web platform.

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