At brand28, we love to shake things up using video in inspiring and unusual ways. When the Gulf Coast HR Symposium invited us to speak and set up a booth at this year’s convention, we knew we had to make an unconventional appearance! This got us thinking…what’s the one thing people expect at a convention?

SWAG! Pens…tumblers…those addicting fidget spinners…branded knick-knacks of all shapes and sizes. The swag game is fiercely competitive between exhibitors. The cooler the giveaway, the more traffic an exhibitor might generate for their booth. But we didn’t want to give away “stuff” that doesn’t matter; “stuff” that would inevitably end up at the bottom of someone’s symposium-issued bag. That’s when it hit us! Instead of telling attendees how awesome video is for communicating complex or important information — why not show them? With Memorial Day just around the corner, we knew exactly how to help attendees experience the power of video first-hand.

Each year, we gather for Memorial Day with friends and family to relax around swimming pools and sizzling grills. We bask in the sunshine, sip on icy drinks, and watch the kids play, or the dogs romp around the yard. Unencumbered by the routine stressors of life and work, our minds are free to wander. At the same time, other families are reminded of the empty seat at the picnic table. A seat that belongs to a father in the Marines; a mother in the Air Force; an adult child or sibling in the Army. The sacrifices these men and women make is the price we pay for freedom.

The #ShareLove Campaign

To all the active military service members, veterans, and families — we want you to know how deeply grateful we are for you. So, we decided to use our time at the HR Symposium to create a very important message for you. What better way to #ShareLove from across the world than with a video?! Video allows people to connect, see, and share emotion face-to-face. It gets people feeling instead of only thinking. With a message as important as this, that’s exactly what we wanted.

On May 9th, we set up a camera, turned up the lights, and invited symposium attendees to help us #ShareLove. We were blown away by the outpour of support.


We are thinking of the men and women who never got to take off their uniform, and those who continue to put their lives on the line for us.  From all of us here at brand28 and in Houston, we are eternally grateful for your service.

This Memorial Day, find your own unique way to #ShareLove. Thank an active service member. Show gratitude to our incredible veterans. Volunteer. Shoot your own “thank you” video. There are a million ways to show you care. Don’t keep it to yourself. #ShareLove