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We’re in the video making business, but there is something so special about making homemade videos with family and friends.

Every year we compile our favorite video apps to help you capture the fun, loving (maybe slightly embarrassing) moments with your family and friends over the holidays. Last year’s list was fantastic, and this year it’s even better, and slightly addicting.

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brand28’s Favorite Video Apps for Capturing Special Holiday Moments:


VUE: Free in the App Store

Usability: All the mamas in the house will pick up on this in no time and then be addicted ever since!

Why we love it: Have a bunch of video clips but don’t know how to put them together? Enter VUE! This app allows you to shoot multiple short videos and then put them together with music, captions, transitions and filters. VUE has built in music, or use your own. What we love most about this app is that it makes your home videos look as if they were done by a pro! Post these babies on Instagram and you’ll have all your friends asking “how did you do that?”!


PocketVideo: Free in the Apple Store and Google Play

Usability: Mom and Dad approved! If you know Instagram well, this app will be a breeze.

Why we love it: Before you even start your video, you can choose which app you want it to be compatible with – which is a huge deal in this day and age! Choose Instagram, YouTube, custom – whatever you want! Your teenage daughters will have so much fun adding stickers and GIFs to give your videos that extra spunk of personality!


FilmoraGo: Free in the Apple Store and Google Play

Usability: Hand off to those tech-savvy dads out there!

Why we love it: This app gives you endless editing options including effects, transitions, music and more! This app does take some getting used to, but once you learn all the cool things it can do – you’ll have some pretty cool videos to share with grandma and the gang!


Quik: Free in the Apple Store and Google Play

Usability: Your 5 year-old niece will have this down in five minutes.

Why we love it: We had so much fun testing this app! Have pictures from a trip and don’t know what to do with them? Get Quik! Simply select your photos or videos and Quik does the rest of the work giving you a cool video vibe with music, transitions and text already built in. Don’t like what you see? Edit at your heart’s content!  This app is appropriately named because you’ll have videos in no time!