We’re in the video making business, but there is something so special about making homemade videos with family and friends.

Every year we compile our favorite video apps to help you capture the fun, loving (maybe slightly embarrassing) moments with your family and friends over the holidays. Last year’s list was fantastic, and this year it’s even better, and slightly addicting.

Laugh. Capture. Create. Share.

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Our Favorite Video Apps of 2017:


GIPHY CAM: Free in the Apple Store and Google Play

Usability: Your 5-year-old niece will have this down in five minutes.

Why we love it: Full disclosure, the most addicting of all video apps. Possibly because it just takes seconds, we’re talking like 10 seconds, to make a funny GIF to send out to your friends, family or post on social media. Try this with the kids, and you’re bound to keep them busy for hours.


Horizon: Free in the Apple Store and Google Play

(You can unlock premium features for $1.99 that includes no watermark, better resolution, priority support and access to future features.)

Usability: Hand off to those tech-savvy dads out there!

Why we love it: Calling all my video gurus, ever cringe when you’re recording and you need to switch from landscape to portrait in the middle of your video? Or hate when you post a video on Instagram and it’s sideways? Yeah, super annoying!  Well guess what? This app fixes all those problems! No matter how you shoot - portrait, switch it up, slant, etc. it will always shoot in landscape no matter what.  And the best part? It’s free! You’re welcome.


Boomerang: Free in the Apple Store and Google Play

Usability: Mom and Dad approved! If you know Instagram well, this app will be a breeze.

Why we love it: Yes, okay, perhaps this is already installed on your phone, or your teenage daughter constantly pressures you to make an appearance in her Boomerang. Either way, this app is so much fun because it forces you to use your creativity if you want to make a solid Boomerang video. These Boomerangs are just a couple seconds long, and takes your static photos to a whole other level. If you’re already familiar with Boomerang, then allow us to give you our number one tip – when shooting, just keep moving!  Keep it constant. If you apply this trick, your Boomerangs will inevitably be magical!


Magisto: Premium is $2.49/month; Professional is $9.99 a month; Business is $39.99/month

Usability: Hand over to that millennial cousin of yours because this app takes some time to get used to.

Why we love it: Feel like compiling all your captured moments and turning them into movies? Then this app is for you! With Magisto you can choose videos from your library, choose a theme, and then add a soundtrack.  You’ll be a video making pro in no time!  Bonus tip, a compiled movie over the holidays makes a great gift for grandma!


Camcorder: Free in the Apple Store and Google Play

Usability: So easy that Grandma can use it!

Why we love it: This app is so great that it’s making its second debut this year! Why are we so in love with Camcorder? Well, it might be due to our slight obsession of the 80s. We are loving 80s everything – The Goldbergs, Stranger Things, and the fact that MTV plays music videos again! The Camcorder app allows you to shoot video like your back in 1985. Get with your 80s-loving friends for this one. It’s bound to be a crowd pleaser!