What happens when you bring together a full-term pregnant emcee, a circus ringmaster, and a crowd cheering “no jerks allowed!”…only the best DisruptHR event Houston has seen yet!

This year our team was fortunate to be a part of the DisruptHR organizing committee for Houston. And boy was it a night to remember!

Last week we brought together 200 HR industry professionals, 11 disruptive speakers, four great sponsors, and an open bar in hopes to put on the most successful DisruptHR event Houston has seen to date.

First of all, our CEO who was 39 weeks pregnant, was to emcee the event. Who knew if she would make it or not…but she did! With her white kicks and all.


Second, the speakers were FANTASTIC! And we’re not just saying that because we helped organize the event. One of our speakers had the crowd chanting “No jerks allowed!” in unison. Another, well he put on his ringmaster hat and showed us all what it’s like to be a monkey in a circus. 

“This was the best event ever! Next time I'm bringing my whole team, they needed to be here”

— J. Johnson, UT Health Science Center

We had 11 speakers at last week’s event, and they each had five minutes to blow the audience’s mind. The lineup consisted of HR professionals, business owners and industry experts. But they all have one thing in common – they are ready to disrupt the HR industry as we know it.


We encourage you to check out all the speakers below, because this crew is truly disrupting the HR scene!

Dana Rubin, Founder & CEO of The Mouthy Woman

Lipstick on a Pig

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Roger Ferguson, Lead Consultant for Big Five Performance Management

Performance Appraisals Suck….The Life From Your Teams

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Metha Vasquez, Vice President, Human Resources at Witt O’brien’s

Duct Taping with a Purpose

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Melissa Porterfield, Founder & CEO of Silk Mountain

No Jerks Allowed

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Adam Fineberg, Senior Vice President at USI Insurance Services

Please Seat Yourself - Your Guide to the C-Suite Table

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“First class event with exciting and amazing people that care about HR.”

Toni Harris Taylor, Chief Training Officer at Drastic Results Training Solutions

Your Training Must Be D.R.A.S.T.I.C.!

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Daniel Hall, Director of HR & Risk Management at Student Alternatives Program

The Power of Thank You

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“This was my first time participating in DisruptHR and I'm very impressed. The event was extremely well coordinated, the crowd was awesome and the speakers were fantastic, engaging and disruptive! It was great to see so many passionate people in one place who care about making HR better.”

Miche’Lynne Bell, HR Consultant at MKK Bell Consulting

Return to Sender! The Criticality of Your New-Hire Onboarding and Orientation Experience

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Rod Branch, Chief Human Resources Officer at HydroChemPSC

Leadership: New Circus, New Monkey

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“DisruptHR was the most unique and effective information sharing and networking event I have known. As a participant and a spectator, I enjoyed the new connections and learned a few things along the way. It was easy to get a large number of colleagues interested in a happy hour with an informative purpose. I hope to be invited back for DisruptHR Houston 3.0!”

Liz Thomas, President & Founder of Employment Today, LLC

Leadership: New Circus, New Monkey

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DisruptHR Houston couldn’t go on without our amazing organizing committee and sponsors. A huge thank you to the companies and individuals below:

Organizing Committee:



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