Have you ever wondered if your employees understand exactly how their benefits work?  Have you gotten questions like, “Why would I want an HSA?”, or “Why is my ER bill so high?”  I’ve been that employee!  I’ve been the one who doesn’t read the insurance documents that come through the mail.  I’ve been the one to delete emails as soon as I see the insurance jargon piling up on my screen.  Insurance documents and carrier brochures are the most popular ways to educate employees on their benefits.  But I’ll tell you what they’re not – they are not effective.  They are not simple.  They don’t show the time, the money and the effort your company put in to offer a comprehensive benefits package.    

So, let me ask you this, how are you communicating with your employees? 

Organizations invest a significant amount of money on their employee benefits package.  While that investment is well worth it, do your employees truly understand their benefits and can they make educated decisions on their healthcare?

Over the last several years in the benefits world, I have found the most effective way to communicate with employees through varied experimental research.   So how can you effectively communicate to your team the great benefits they have, and also educate them to be smart healthcare consumers?  One word – VIDEO!  Check out our video below to learn more about brand28’s benefits videos.

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