Are you missing out on the most effective way to communicate with your employees? 

If you haven’t incorporated video into your communications strategy, then the answer may be yes.  Video is the most powerful way to get your message across and to educate your entire team.  Companies invest a significant amount of money on their employee benefits package.  Perception is reality, so if your employees don’t see how their benefits work or what’s even offered to them, then they won’t realize the value of their benefits package.

You see video everywhere now, and perhaps you’ve already incorporated it into your messaging.  Or maybe you’re finding the right time and the right company to work with. 

Either way, we have here the top seven reasons why benefits videos are one of the most effective tools you can have in your organization and why they’re taking over in a big way. 

1.       Capture your entire audience.  In general, people remember 10% of what they read, 20% of what they hear, 30% of what they see, and 50% of what they see and hear.  Video will tap into the various human senses and create a better learning environment for employees to comprehend.  Not only will employees be provided their benefits information, but they’ll understand it too – wow, imagine that!

2.       Makes employers (you!) look good.  Employees are not only attracted to salaries when joining a new company.  More and more employees today are concerned with what the culture is like, the benefits package, and communication between HR and team members.  Being innovative and ahead of the curve when it comes to your communication strategy will ultimately make you look good and stand out amongst the competition.  You hire the best by being the best – enough said.

3.       More time to focus on your tasks.  We hear it all the time from HR professionals - they are always answering the same questions, just with different employees.  Video solves the problem by showcasing the benefits information employees want and need to know.  Instead of repeating the information with new-hires, current employees or recruits, HR professionals can share a video to cover the most need-to-know information.  You could also empower your management staff to answer simple questions that come up regarding vacation time, enrollment instructions, etc.  All management has to do is refer to a quick video to get the answers.  Gone are the days of paging through a long employee handbook.  Video gives you more time to focus on your other important tasks to be more productive.

4.       Deliver a consistent message.  Maintain brand integrity and deliver the same, consistent message across all team members no matter location or schedule.  Are your employees on the road?  They can view their benefits information straight from their mobile phone.  Whether your employees work the overnight shift, or work remotely in an entirely different state or country, you can feel confident that you’re delivering one consistent message.   

5.       Promote benefits all year long.  Who said benefits education should only be during open enrollment?  We believe in ongoing communication throughout the entire year!  Why?  Just because you’re not enrolling in benefits doesn’t mean you’re not using your benefits.  Explain to employees why the urgent care center should be used over the emergency room.  Remind employees of all the perks they receive through their EAP.  Let employees know what can be purchased with their FSA dollars.  Giving employees tidbits of information throughout the year will educate them on their benefits, and give the perception of a comprehensive benefits package. 

6.       Less time, more words.  Check out this stat – One minute of video is estimated to equal 1.8 million words.  Okay, we’re only speaking figuratively based on Dr. James McQuivey’s research.  However, the act of mixing audio with visual does allow you to provide more information in a shortened time frame.  It engages the employees and they can understand the information quickly, rather than read through an insurance document a few times and ask questions until they finally understand it.  It’s efficient and effective!

7.       You control the call to action.  When it’s open enrollment time, what do you want your employees to do?  Well, you want your employees to enroll…on time!  The great thing about our videos is that we can incorporate a call to action at the end.  Do you want your employees to enroll on a specific platform?  Enroll on your intranet?  Or, do you want them to fill out paper enrollment forms and hand them in to your HR team?  Whatever your objective, employees are able to click instantly and do exactly what you want them to do!  

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