In July, we asked you to participate in our survey on how you would like us to best communicate with you. We appreciated your time and feedback!

Below is what we learned and how we will continue to communicate with our brand28 insiders:

Most of you are happy with hearing from us once a month - so we’ll keep it that way! The only other time you’ll receive additional emails is when we have an important update to share, or when we’re promoting our next Sip & Learn event.

A lot of you didn’t realize that we provide discount codes and free content in our newsletters. This stuff is valuable so we will do our best to call more attention to it! We’ll also post these special promotions on social media so you don’t miss out.

Your preferred way to stay in touch is via email. We won’t stop our Monthly Mix newsletter any time soon then!

Your favorite social media channels to stay active on are LinkedIn and Instagram. So, guess what? We’re deleting our Facebook and Twitter accounts. See ya later, Facebook! That kind of feels good:)

The content you’re most interested in is below. So, we’ll be delivering the goods! Stay tuned for future content coming out. We’ll update you every month in the Monthly Mix newsletter.

  • Informative blogs

  • Infographics

  • Case studies

  • Upcoming events

  • Anything related to employee engagement

  • Healthy but yummy recipes

  • Anything related to employee communication

Thank you so much for participating in our survey! We value our brand28 insiders so much and hope to provide you content you love and crave!