One of the main reasons brand28 exists is to transform the way we communicate to employees in the workplace.

Healthcare is important.  Saving money is important.  Yet, on average, employees spend seconds (yes, seconds) making a decision that costs thousands of dollars. 

What if there was a better way?  What if employees could be more engaged and make empowered decisions?

The first episode of brand28 IN THE STREETS is here!

We went out into the streets and asked real people questions about their benefits to get REAL answers.  The respondents don’t know who we are.  All they know is that we are trying to raise awareness of the huge communication gap when it comes to health and benefits knowledge.

Here’s what we learned from our respondents in the streets:

  • 38% cannot define what a copay is.
  • 72% cannot define what coinsurance is.
  • 60% don’t know how much their medical deductible how do they know how much they should have saved up in case of an emergency?
  • 60% think their HR department is responsible for educating them on their benefits.
  • 78% chose video as their preferred method of benefits education.  HR pros - we're here for you!

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And one of the most interesting things we learned when talking to these professionals out on the streets, is that they want ongoing communication throughout the year, not just during open enrollment season, or when they're hired.

TIP! Think about educational pieces you can create throughout the year to promote your benefits package.  For example, do you have a wellness benefit?  Promote it at the beginning of the year when everyone is trying to start the year on a healthy note!

What did you think of our first episode?  Please share your thoughts in the comments below! 

When you're ready to incorporate video into your communication strategy, we'll be ready!  Just contact us to get started.