Our September video just landed in the Splash Studio!


You asked for it, and you got it!  A video explaining how a Health Savings Account (HSA) works!

Now, can I tell you a story?  I was sharing one of my HSA videos with a gentleman, who shall remain anonymous, who has worked in the employee benefits industry for years.  He holds a very high-up position, and has a ton of experience.  You know what he said after watching my video?  "I didn't know you could use HSA money for retirement!"  Really?  

Now, I don't expect the normal, everyday person to know this, in fact, I know most people do not know this useful tidbit.  But the fact that someone in the employee benefits world doesn't know all the perks of an HSA can only mean one thing. People need to see this video!  Employees, HR professionals, brokers, anyone that is eligible to participate in an HSA should know all the great benefits that come with it.

So, here it is.  Plain and simple, straight to the point.  It's a how a Health Savings Account works, and how it can save you money (even during retirement)!

Cost: Regularly $500  |  Splash Studio discounted price $299


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